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We the People

It’s a funny thing, but when I read the Preamble to our Constitution it begins “We the People”. It doesn’t say, “We the Politicians” or “We the Elite” or “We the Heads of Major Government Agencies”. Having lived through the last three years and witnessed what has transpired, it seems to me that we have a significant number of politicians and former heads of agencies who would be well served to not only read the Preamble to the Constitution, but might want to consider reading the Constitution itself. Even with the Amendments, it’s not that long. Much shorter in fact than the recent Mueller report and the most recent report issued by Inspector General Michael Horowitz concerning FISA abuse by the FBI.

While they’re at it, they might want to send a copy to the vast majority of personnel that make up the so called ‘mainstream’ media because it is quite evident from their reporting that they either don’t understand the meaning of the Constitution with respect to separation of powers and impeachment or have an agenda. I’ll guess the later.

Regardless of your political party affiliation, aren’t you tired of this nonsense?

Do politicians and high-ranking officials receive a pill upon taking their government posts which when taken causes them to become completely self-absorbed and to forget their purpose? They like to refer to themselves as public servants, however based upon their actions it seems the only ones they serve are themselves.

Frankly, I’m tired of it and I’ll bet there are many of you who feel the same.

Given the endless efforts to thwart the Executive branch, and the citing of the Constitution as the grounds for doing so, I thought I would do some of my own research. Of course, I first read the Constitution. Not one time, but many times. In order to put the Constitution in perspective and context, I then proceeded to read the Federalist Papers and have also reviewed the writings of anti-federalists. The perspective you gain by doing this is quite sobering. It is quite an educational endeavor, and one that really gets annoying when you then realize how abusive today’s politicians have really become. This is true frankly of both parties, who with the support of many in the judiciary take actions and engage in activism which ultimately flies in the face of the limited and enumerated powers granted the federal government by the Constitution.

Although this is the case, the Framer’s didn’t make thwarting the Constitution easy. It goes without saying that the Framers were geniuses. Instilled with deep historical knowledge, an understanding of renowned philosophers on government and human nature and their own experience having dealt with the tyranny of the King, they created a system of government including the checks and balances necessary to ensure that each branch was on the one hand autonomous while somewhat dependent on the others. In their writings, particularly those of Hamilton and Madison in the Federalist Papers, it is clear to see that the Framers had a deep-seated fear of man’s lust for power as well as the creation of factions, that if unchecked would lead to tyranny. In their infinite wisdom they foresaw the scenario we are living through today where a faction in one branch of government or in one house of Congress, as is the case today, would use their power in an attempt to subvert or control another branch. Their grand design provided the means for each branch of government to defend itself and in doing so its co-equal status.

Would our Framers be shocked by what we are witnessing in politics and government today? From my perspective, I don’t think anything we have seen of late would have been all that surprising to them. Disappointing, yes. Surprising, no. The fact our Framers were so intent on guarding against this behavior is a clear indicator that it was anticipated and history is replete with abuses across both sides of the aisle. And while the Framer’s recognized that these types of situations were a possibility, it could only be hoped that our politicians and high-ranking government officials would realize that these types of actions, if unjust, would have the effect of damaging our republic and setting a dangerous precedent; particularly in cases where the most powerful tools of intelligence were weaponized against unsuspecting citizens and political adversaries.

Like many “constitutional crises”, this one will eventually pass. With any luck those elected officials and others involved who have clearly violated the law will be held accountable. Considering history, I won’t hold my breath as it seems the government is rather quick to hold accountable those in the private sector while they act with impunity. We’ll see.

That said, if we are to have a country and if we are going to continue to live within a democratic republic, an experiment unlike any seen in humanity, we the people must demand accountability. We must remember that this country is ours. It doesn’t belong to politicians and it doesn’t belong to government bureaucrats.

The Constitution is a sacred covenant. A covenant which codifies into law the unalienable rights bestowed upon humanity by God himself as outlined in our Declaration of Independence. So many of our elected officials seem to have forgotten this or choose to ignore it, placing personal gain ahead of public service.

The Constitution belongs to us and for the sake of liberty it’s up to us, regardless of party affiliation, to defend it by sending a clear and strong message to all our elected officials next November, rejecting attacks on our freedom when we see them and reminding them that they report to us!

God Bless America!

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