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Immigration - A Plot to Destroy America

What is a Country? Certainly, the definitions vary but one of the best I’ve heard is that a Country is made up of borders, language and culture. Damage or eliminate any one of these and you no longer have a nation. I believe this definition is quite accurate and also explains why those forces that hate America have targeted these specific areas as a means of inflicting immeasurable harm to our Republic.

Let’s begin with language. In my lifetime, and certainly in that of my parents, there was an unwritten rule that English was the official language of America and anyone who immigrated to our nation would be expected to learn to speak English. Is this true today? While many would say it is, there is a significantly large group who would say that America has no official language. In fact, in recent times the curricula in many American schools teaches “English as a second language”. Is this curriculum designed to aide immigrants in becoming proficient in English? This is a question subject to debate, however, what can’t be denied is the fact that there is no longer an expectation of new immigrants to gain a strong command of the language. This often results in immigrants lacking the skills necessary to achieve more valuable levels of employment, keeping many in lower income positions and dependent upon the government for their survival. Do immigrants benefit from this? Certainly not, but politicians do, which largely explains their lack of support for declaring English as our official language.

What about culture? Do today’s immigrants assimilate to American culture? Do they adopt the American way of life? Do they clearly understand the doctrines of individual freedom and liberty as espoused in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Without question there are those that do. In fact, I would argue that the majority of those seeking to come to America following lawful immigration processes understand what it means to be an American and are desirous of becoming a part of the American experiment. What about the masses streaming across our borders illegally you ask? Certainly, there are some who would fall into the prior category; however, it is my view that a large percentage have no intention of assimilating. They’re not desirous of being “Americans”. They are only desirous of extracting what they can from America. While not a scientific fact supporting this hypothesis, one needs only to watch the US Mens Soccer Team when playing in the U.S. against Mexico or any team from Latin or South America. Doing so, you quickly realize that the U.S. Men’s Team, although playing on home soil, is basically the away team, with the vast majority of the crowd rooting based upon their country of origin. Is this assimilation? By comparison to those who immigrated from Europe in the late 18 and early 1900’s, it’s not even close. Those immigrants had a strong desire to be Americans and ultimately helped to shape what has become the greatest nation on earth.

That brings us to borders. Although we can certainly point to many examples where those adversarial to America have attempted to use language and culture as a means of damaging our nation (culture in particular), the most egregious example is our border. Given the experience associated with presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Joe Biden is there any doubt that the ‘American Aristocracy’ has little if any desire to protect our nation’s border? Virtually the only President in my lifetime to take any action concerning the border was Donald Trump and he was vilified for it and called a racist. But let’s compare then and now. With a secure border, America and its citizens were kept safe from terrorists and incoming felons. Today, we have no idea who is entering our nation and the expectation is that the unchecked flow of people crossing the border has resulted in not only the entry of a high criminal element but also the establishment of ‘sleeper cells’ throughout the country. With a secure border, the drug traffic, initially consisting of heroine was slowed considerably. Compare that to today and the fact that Fentanyl is one of the leading causes of death amongst select age groups. With a secure border, the economic data indicates that there was less competition for jobs, significantly aiding those at lower- and middle-income levels to gain employment and build wealth. Compare that to today where the competition for jobs is enormous, resulting wages are depressed and the majority of workers have seen their real wages decline almost every single month of Joe Biden’s presidency. With a secure border, the burden on American taxpayers, communities, schools etc. was dramatically reduced. Compare that with today where most aliens entering the country are being provided with public assistance, free healthcare, cellphones, education and housing. With a secure border, human trafficking was dramatically impacted for the better. Compare that to today where human trafficking, particularly trafficking in women and young girls has become an epidemic and an area where the Biden Administration is actually cutting funding and enforcement (I wonder why?). And finally, with a secure border, the environmental destruction of parts of Central America, Mexico and the U.S. was under control. Compare that to today where the U.S. southern border has become a cesspool. By the way, where are the environmentalists? I guess they’re too busy trying to ban gas stoves.

The examples above paint a very clear picture while also demonstrating the fact that the American Aristocracy including both political parties, big business oligarchs and the media just don’t care. The Aristocracy has created these policies, not because they benefit America in any way, but because they benefit from these policies. Whether it be cheap labor for big business aristocratic oligarchs, the belief that alien invaders will ultimately be able to vote and will favor the Democrat Party or huge amounts of money being funneled into political coffers of both parties without any oversight, the evidence and lack of action to secure America’s borders can only lead to one conclusion; our aristocrats in elected office, big business and the media have a healthy disdain for America and are using immigration as a means to fundamentally change America as we know it.

If this thesis is wrong, ask yourself the question, why does America not enforce its immigration laws and allow millions to illegally enter our country? Ask yourself the question why America does not use immigration as a means of strengthening our nation by attracting and admitting the world’s best and brightest. Ask yourself the question why America would allow our adversaries to send their students and researchers to our colleges and universities? And ask yourself the question why America would allow our adversaries to take advantage of the H1B Visa process to send workers to our country with the sole intent of stealing American intellectual property?

When you ponder these questions, it’s difficult to draw any conclusion other than the fact that our elected officials and other members of the American Aristocracy care more about their power, wealth and control than they do about our nation or its citizens. They either have a desire to harm America or in some manner stand to personally benefit from the status quo.

America and its citizens deserve better than this. Immigration, that is lawful immigration, can be a blessing to a nation. However, as we have seen over the last several years and as evidenced by the actions of establishment politicians, immigration can also be used as a weapon to damage a nation.

Do we have enough patriots amongst our elected officials to fix this problem? The future of the nation may depend upon it.

Tired of the Washington establishment? If so, in addition to voting incumbent politicians out of office there is a way to lessen the damage being caused by lifetime politicians. It’s called the Article V Convention of States and it’s a movement of citizens of all political parties who are tired of the status quo. Article V of the Constitution provides a mechanism for the States to amend the Constitution. How do amendments for Congressional Term Limits and a Balanced Budget sound? If they sound good to you click here to sign the Article V Convention of States petition and begin putting pressure on your State legislators to call for a Convention.

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