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You Cant Hide Those Lying Eyes

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

It may surprise some to know that the media was an important vehicle for the dispersion of information even during the time of the Founders. Our Founders in many cases were prolific writers and we are fortunate to have a treasure trove of letters and other published works from the likes of Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Adams and others to give us perspective on the challenges faced in courting public opinion during the forming of the American republic.

Just like today, our Founders utilized the media (primarily newspapers) as a means of stating their positions and in influencing the public towards a particular point of view. The primary difference between then and now is the fact that most media outlets in the time of the Founders were up front about their political leanings. Of course, today we have news outlets and on-line purveyors of information masquerading as unbiased arbiters of the truth when the real facts make it quite clear that they’re in the tank – primarily for the left and the American Aristocracy.

Can’t be you say? Let’s begin with the fact that most major “news” organizations are owned by major corporations who in turn are managed by members of the aforementioned American Aristocracy. CNN is owned by AT&T, NBC is owned by Comcast, MSNBC by Comcast/Microsoft, ABC is owned by Disney and the majority of ‘social media’ organizations are owned by hard left leaning companies including Meta, Google and others. Do you really think you’re getting the truth from these organizations?

If you want to evaluate whether you are receiving the truth from these organizations or from the likes of mainstream newspapers like the New York Times or Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos), just take a look at some of their reporting over the last several years.

There are some doozies here and despite the fact that these lies have now been exposed, many of these organizations are still pushing this crap. Here’s my list of some of the biggest whoppers in recent “news” history:

1. Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 Presidential Election

2. Donald Trump conspired with Ukraine to interfere with the 2020 Presidential Election

3. There is no evidence that COVID-19 emanated from a lab in Wuhan China

4. With respect to COVID-19 we have to ‘Trust the Science’ – I guess they meant political science

5. COVID-19 vaccines are completely safe and effective and no Dr. Anthony Fauci along with the CDC and Pharma companies didn’t lie about the vaccines mortal side effects and inefficacy

6. The 2020 Presidential Election was the least fraudulent election in American history

7. Joe Biden received more legitimate votes that any presidential candidate in our nation’s history (yet he couldn’t fill a high school gym when giving a campaign speech)

8. The FBI, DHS and other government agencies didn’t collude with Social Media companies to interfere with the 2020 Presidential Election

9. Joe Biden and his family are upstanding citizens and have had no involvement in accepting foreign bribes and pay for play schemes

10. It was perfectly legal for Joe Biden to have boxes of confidential government records strewn across the country and lying exposed in his unlocked garage, but Donald Trump has somehow violated the Espionage Act

And the list goes on and on and on……

While these are just a few examples in the recent past, the fact that the media and those it represents in the American Aristocracy lie to us consistently should surprise nobody. This is not a new phenomenon. As outlined in Mark Levin’s book entitled “Unfreedom of the Press”, the media has been lying to us for years as evidenced by the New York Times coverage of both the Holocaust and Stalin’s starvation of the Ukranians. As Mr. Levin also points out, the schools that once produced true reporters are now producing activists who are being taught not to report news but to slant stories to their ideology or flat out make things up when the truth doesn’t fit their ideological narrative.

Although the stories listed above are blatant examples of the lies perpetrated on the American people, they don’t even begin to describe the stories that the media consciously buries for fear that reporting on such stories would expose the American Aristocracy for who they really are. Does Jeffrey Epstein ring a bell?

All of this is unfortunate as it was always the belief of the Founders that a healthy media was a bulwark of democracy and that it would act as an additional check on an overbearing government. But when media becomes a part of the Aristocracy, as is the case today, it no longer provides this function and ultimately becomes a weapon to manipulate and deceive.

So where can you go to actually get the truth? In my experience I can assure you that you won’t get it from any of the mainstream organizations touting themselves as ‘news’ organizations. So, forget CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox or any of their cable television brethren.

Personally, I’ve found Steve Bannon’s War Room to be spot on. The mainstream media will say Mr. Bannon is a right-wing nut, however, after listening for quite some time, every single story listed above that was lied about by the mainstream media was ultimately reported truthfully on his show either by him directly or via his guests. In addition to politics, his show also covers global economics, technology and transhumanism so it proves to be a good source on many topics. In addition to War Room, I would also recommend Revolver News, National Pulse and John Solomon.

By exposing yourself to a combination of these outlets you’re likely to get the real story.

Or, if you like to be lied to, you can continue to watch, listen or read stories from the outlets that make up the American Aristocracy. The choice is yours.

Tired of the Washington establishment? If so, in addition to voting incumbent politicians out of office there is a way to lessen the damage being caused by lifetime politicians. It’s called the Article V Convention of States and it’s a movement of citizens of all political parties who are tired of the status quo. Article V of the Constitution provides a mechanism for the States to call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution. How do amendments for Congressional Term Limits and a Balanced Budget sound? If they sound good to you click here to sign the Article V Convention of States petition and begin putting pressure on your State legislators to call for a Convention.

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