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The Politics of Business

In this blog it is my desire to begin a conversation about many of the challenges we see today with respect to politics and the impact of politics on business. In writing such a blog, unlike today’s mainstream media, I think it necessary to disclose my position.

I am a neither a registered Democrat or Republican but what I would describe as a constitutional conservative. I have a deep belief in the rights conferred upon us by God and documented in the Constitution and the values upon which these rights emanate. I am fascinated by our Nation’s founding and how the highly educated and experienced men we call our Founding Fathers risked everything in order to devise a system of governance that would respect and defend the individual and the inalienable rights granted by God including the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Their understanding of the nature of man, influenced by likes of the great philosophers including Locke, Burke, Adam Smith and Montesquieu to name a few caused them to establish the structure of governance we enjoy today. And although this structure is continually under attack, the foresight of our Founders is largely responsible for having allowed our country and our economic system to reach the precipice upon which it sits today.

There are so many situations impacting businesses today that I believe are relevant to our founding and would benefit from the application of our founding principles. While it is not my desire to politicize every situation (frankly, there’s too much of this happening today in my view), it is my intent to write about issues impacting business and to debate whether the application of constitutional principles provides guidance for the way in which businesses and government should consider addressing key topics of the day.

For some, my comments may be viewed as controversial. For others common sense. Regardless of your position, I welcome your input along with the opportunity to share consistent or differing views.

My sole request is that any input is kept professional.

I’m looking forward to the discussion!


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