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The Time has Come for Congressional Term Limits

As I sit here confined to my home based upon the edict from my State governor I can’t help but watch as our elected officials, particularly those in the United States Congress take consistent action for political and personal gain instead of focusing on prioritizing the well-being of America’s businesses and its workers.

The Democrat party, led by Nancy Pelosi and my Senator Chuck Schumer has recently taken steps to torpedo a relief package aimed at helping American business and citizens by insisting on a litany of items that have nothing to do with combating the economic impact of the Wuhan coronavirus. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Afterall, the Democrat party is the party of slavery, the party responsible for the civil war, the party responsible for segregation, the party that largely fought civil rights legislation and calls their attempt to destroy our limited government constitutional foundation ‘progressive’. Judging by their actions here and what we have witnessed over the last several years in concert with their cohorts in the media one has to wonder whether members of this party really love their own country? While there are many registered Democrats in our nation who no doubt love America, the hate America Democrats in Congress and the media demonstrate their disdain for our nation and its people on almost a daily basis.

Need evidence? Let’s look at some of the item’s Democrats have attempted to add to the most recent economic stimulus package. You tell me whether the items in the list below have anything to do with helping to overcome the impact of the Wuhan coronavirus:

Same day voter registration Really?

Early voting in all 50 States That should wipe the virus out completely!

Airlines need to be carbon neutral by 2025 Aren’t we trying to help businesses?

Airlines required to report on carbon Aren't airlines buried in enough regulation

emissions for all flights

For businesses accepting aid That's a virus killer alright!

– government seats on corporate boards

and representation from workers

on boards of directors

For businesses accepting aid – Mandatory minimum wage is a job killer

Mandatory $15 per hour pay not a stimulant

Retirement packages for community What does this have to do with

newspapers coronavirus?

Funding for the Arts Maybe adult coloring books will help me

forget my troubles

And the list goes on and on. So, I ask you America, is this the best we can do? When in a time of crisis is this what we can expect from our elected officials? Sadly, time and time again our elected members of Congress demonstrate through their actions that the true needs of the American people are secondary to their own lust for power. Our Founding Fathers warned of this having lived during a time and studied cases where historical factions in government subverted freedom and the will of the people. Unfortunately, we are living in just such a time. Do you feel that members of Congress represent you?

Lest you think this is an issue that infects the Democrat party only, the Republicans are no better. Their answer to the crisis is to indiscriminately spend like drunken sailors in the hope that sending checks to people will somehow solve our problem. Newsflash to Republicans in Congress, if all businesses are basically closed, where are we going to spend the money you send? Also, if all Americans are impacted by this virus, why does your stimulus package only provide money to those earning under a certain income level? And why does money go to individuals who haven’t lost their jobs? Haven’t you re-distributed enough wealth through massive social programs, the tax code and bureaucracy? Republicans, please stop pretending to be conservative and defenders of the Constitution. Frankly, the majority of you are neither.

While the economic impact of the virus is no doubt serious, we do have safety nets in our nation. Unemployment insurance is specifically in place to assist any American who loses their job due to this crisis. For workers, why is an additional payment from the government needed – particularly for workers who haven’t lost their jobs – when unemployment is readily available. Want to do something effective? How about Congress works with the States to make claiming unemployment easier. In doing so we can use a system that was designed for these situations and ensure that money gets to displaced workers more rapidly.

If we want to take even more effective action, focus any stimulus actions on what actually needs to be saved – businesses. For a worker, temporary unemployment is certainly a challenge, however this challenge pales in comparison to a workers’ company going out of business. Remember politicians, if the company fails there are NO jobs. An immediate suspension of the payroll tax would provide funds for both individuals and businesses. The best part of this is that it would be immediate! Of course, politicians don’t want to provide payroll tax relief since this money is basically used to fund Social Security which politicians have stolen blind to fund all their other ‘pet projects’.

As I continue to observe our government in action over the last several weeks, it has become clear to me that it is actually less government that is having the most impact – not more. President Trump’s slashing of regulations has enabled private sector companies and labs to immediately expand availability of testing kits. Slashing of FDA regulations has also resulted in private sector companies already in clinical trials for potential vaccines to combat the virus. Suspension of archaic State and Federal laws which govern the amount of hospital beds, doctors, ventilators and other equipment will enable even the hardest hit states to take action to expand needed supplies and personnel. And, elimination of legal liability has enabled healthcare providers to use the same masks that are available to our construction industry.

While a broad approach to dealing with this crisis has likely been needed. The fact remains that the impact of the virus is being most heavily felt in discrete areas around the nation. Hopefully we’ll see a more targeted approach to dealing with this issue in the days and weeks ahead, allowing the majority of the country to get back to work while focusing important resources on those communities most effected.

So why is it that Congress, in this crisis and so many others continues to be inept and to take actions which promote their own political agenda and power? Tell me, what crisis actually effects Congress? Are they impacted by the virus? Sure, some members of Congress have contracted this (I don’t mean to downplay this), however, are any of them in danger of losing their jobs? Are their salaries being cut so that their business (Congress) will survive? Will their retirement savings be impacted? Are they forced to live under the same healthcare plan they shoved down the throats of so many Americans? Of course not, and herein lies the problem. Our elected officials, Congress in particular, is completely immune from things that effect most Americans on a daily basis. They have no ‘skin in the game’ per se and to a large degree are rarely held accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

Can a nation survive when one third of its government is virtually immune from its own actions? As citizens, should we stand aside and continue to let these individuals continue to act so recklessly? I think not.

Unfortunately, we can’t expect these same members of Congress to act responsibly. That ship sailed long ago. We can’t expect them to introduce a Constitutional Amendment that would limit their terms in office, thereby ensuring that people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and so many others don’t make a career out of being a politician. There are ways however that we as citizens can take action.

This November we will have an opportunity to rid ourselves of many existing members of Congress. In my view, the time is right to bring fresh faces and new ideas to the table. While this would be a good start, given special interests and the culture in Washington, this alone is not likely to fix the problem so we must take additional action.

To rectify this problem longer term, a Constitutional Amendment limiting the terms of those in Congress is needed. As espoused by Mark Levin in his book “The Liberty Amendments”, the Constitution can be amended outside of Congress, through the States. Through a process known as the Convention of States (, amendments can be proposed and adopted provided enough states agree and Congress can’t do a damn thing about it!

The time has come. Congress has proven yet again that it stands for itself and not the American people. Let’s make our voices heard this November and also join the Convention of States movement to show our elected officials that our nation is still ‘for the people and by the people’.

May God Bless America.

Stay healthy.

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