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Success in Baseball and Business: Data or Dumb Luck?

One of the great things about business is its relationship to competitive sports. My entire life I have had an affinity for the game of baseball. From the age of 3 to today I have actively played the game, and when I consider the amount of time I spent either playing or practicing, the game has consumed a significant part of my life.

This proved to be a hidden benefit, as baseball, like any competitive sport, prepares you in many ways for life. In my view, baseball may be the best preparation for a career in business. Consider that baseball is an individual sport couched within a team concept – very similar to business.

Baseball is a game primarily built on failure, forcing players to make constant adjustments to gain success. Think about hitting a baseball for a moment. The very best players in the history of the game succeeded in this quest only 30% of the time. In virtually any other endeavor this success rate would be considered extremely poor performance, but in baseball, it’s considered greatness; a level of achievement only possible through continued adjustment.

Baseball is a game of strategy with nuances too detailed to describe in this blog, but a game that requires one to know the strengths and weaknesses of each individual competitor — much like business.

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