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Is Managed IT Services the Answer?

As the office technology industry continues to struggle amidst a climate of hyper competition and continued pressure on page volumes it leads one to wonder about the future of both OEMs and their partners. It also raises a valid question: where are the best opportunities for sustainable growth?

Answering this question has been vexing for many in the industry and in particular OEMs. For many years we have witnessed OEMs attempt to build, or most often, buy, adjunct business to their core hardware business, primarily in software and services. What do these efforts have in common? Most of them have either failed or have limped along at a pace that would raise questions as to their true impact. The net result is that many OEMs are still searching for that magic elixir capable of providing meaningful diversification and longer-term opportunity.

For dealers, the story has been quite different.

Click here to read the full blog at Imaging Channel Magazine and learn if Managed IT Services is all it's cracked up to be!

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