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A Year of Opportunity

As we catapult through the first quarter of 2021, the majority of those I speak with have little if anything good to say about last year — in fact, most of the comments I hear are not suitable for print. Of course, this is understandable when we consider the impact of COVID-19, the shuttering of many businesses, particularly those in the retail sector, civil unrest and a political divide seemingly wider than the Grand Canyon.

Despite this downtrodden view of 2020, I prefer my glass half full. Sure, there were some things happening in 2020 that were challenging. However, isn’t that the case every year? I’ll grant you the challenges of 2020 may have been a bit more severe than we would experience in a typical year, but problems are problems, and unfortunately, problems never go away. Once we tackle one, there is another waiting in line to take its place.

So, when looking back on 2020, while I certainly experienced and witnessed the same challenges as others, I prefer to remember 2020 as a year of opportunity. Before you stop reading, give me a chance to make my case.

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