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The Future of Digital Transformation

I used to like the term “workflow automation.” It almost paints a picture in your mind of industrial-era machines cranking out widgets off the assembly line without a human in sight. Of course, for today’s economy and business processes, this would never do — we needed something sexier. Enter DX. What we once described as the automation of business processes we now generically refer to as digital transformation. Now that’s steamy.

Digital transformation is now the catchall term to refer to virtually any business process that in some way is to be further digitized and, as a result, transformed. The transformation can take many forms — maybe the process becomes less paper-intensive, faster, more cost-efficient, secure, analytic. You get the point.

Unfortunately, DX is not so descriptive anymore, almost like the word “solution.” Yet, despite its migration to the land of undefinable terms, DX is all the rage – and rightly so. It truly represents the next great leap in business operations, and by leveraging new and emerging technologies, it will likely have a larger impact on business than the typewriter, the calculator, the computer, and yes, the copier/printer.

The learn more about the future of Digital Transformation check out the rest of my blog at The Imaging Channel.

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